Rail transport equipment

Voronezh Mechanical Plant acting in new and rigid market environment uses advanced technologies for metallurgy. Since 2002 the plant has mastered high quality complex and labor consuming components for the modern high-power diesel engine D49 by request of the PJSC “Kolomensky zavod”:

The most important and vital for engine operation among them are the following:

· the large-sized cooled exhaust manifold 2-5D49.169 with gas pipe 2-5D49.189 for exhaust gas delivery to the turbo compressor;

· the antivibration device 5D49.12 with torque vibration damper to stabilize torque performance and reduce vibration level;

· coupling 34 M for engine crankshaft and electric generator connection;

· compressor turbine nozzle block – precision casting item of high accuracy and high quality of a flow path surface;

· camshaft driving gear 1E-6D49.69 as assembly unit within casing (gear rotary mechanism, rigid box-type cast body);

precision compression preload bolt set for cranks and main engine bearings with thread M30×2; M48×3, strengthened through thread valley rolling out with 30% cycle endurance increased under cycling loads.